Me, Myself and Di…

This first blog post is to tell you a little more about myself.  I’ve been thinking of setting up a blog for a while but decided with a recent holiday to Cannes and my favorite season autumn in full swing, I just couldn’t resist any longer.

This blog will be my diary… My friends appropriately call me Bridget following multiple incidents at University and my less than adequate skiing ability.  In this, I plan on sharing the good, the bad and all the lumps and bumps that sometimes, or in my case very often, come from having fun.

Sometimes these lumps and bumps can be physical.  I am the most accident prone person I know and have retained the title of ‘falls champion’ among my peers…  I still have a scar on my leg that refuses to heal.  I obtained it last year from forgetting to let go of a rope swing, hitting a tree and falling onto some rocks in an old mill pond; just your average day really.

belizeAnything and everything I get up to from climbing lampposts in Birmingham to being robbed of my entire suitcase and passport on my first evening in Barcelona (needless to say I didn’t have travel insurance)… this blog will tell it all.
I’m not sure I could count the numerous airports I have run through to catch a flight, not to mention Singapore when I guessed my flight time… unsurprisingly I missed it.  It was a rather expensive mistake but lesson learned and now I (tend) to check my flights.  I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity for a little travelling; given that I struggle most days to not walk into walls this has obviously posed some issues:

  • Being locked out of my hostel in Chang Mai and scaling the wall to get back in
  • Getting stuck on an extremely remote island in Indonesian Borneo without enough money to leave
  • Leaving my phone at a locals house in Guatemala the day I was leaving for the states (without having applied for an ESTA)
  • Accidentally booking a hostel in the red light district in Bangkok and taking my friends to a sex show… long story
  • Leading my friends through a Vietnamese market on mopeds: chaos
  • Arriving in mexico with no money and being unable to take any cash out so borrowing pesos from the hotelier to buy some water

Before you ask, yes I am a natural blonde.  And yes, it’s true; we certainly do have more fun.

So this is me, this blog will contain anything and everything I love and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Di x

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