Having a ball

This weekend finally feels like the start of summer.  Long nights, warm days and endless fun!

Saturday night I was lucky enough to be invited to a Hunt Ball in North Yorkshire. Being from Yorkshire I love it but don’t often get to venture out from my local dales to East Riding. Visiting my friend Becky is one of these opportunities.

Everybody always loves a ball, especially me.  Any opportunity to dress up and have a dance is obviously one of my favourite occasions.


Our party had organised two tables and although the plan was to rotate around each course, after the champagne reception and a few bottles of wine I don’t think anyone had any idea where they were meant to be…

As dinner was finishing the band announced their arrival by entering at the top of the marquee and playing their jazz ensemble between the tables to the stage.  Instantaneously everyone got up to dance until the small hours of the morning.

The disadvantage to having a fairly large event in a small place in the country is all of the surrounding taxis were fully booked.

Luckily ever a practical family my hosts way around this was to load us into the horse lorry at the end of the night and we winded our way back through the country roads (with some hairy moments!) to the farm.

As always on my return despite having had a delicious three course dinner I was starving and to my sober horror realised I had got back and single-handedly eaten an entire bag of kettle chips and a pack of scotch eggs!

The next day was spent retelling stories from the previous nights antics, taking a beautiful walk around the farm in the sunshine and ended with a delicious Sunday lunch al fresco.

There is nothing better than a weekend spent with friends in the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside, amidst fields of gold.


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