Perfect Picnic: Richmond Park, London

What better way to spend a sunny day in London than at the beautiful Richmond Park?  I cannot believe that after all my visits to the Capital I still had not been.

Richmond Park

Having made no efforts at all saving money recently and having been a little frivolous, I was looking for the best and cheapest activity for a gorgeous day!

View of London

Richmond is easy enough to get to, especially from our starting point in South West London, just a direct train and about a mile walk to the park itself.  Sometimes I feel like such a country bumpkin but to remain in the city on such a glorious day just doesn’t feel right.


As with any lovely day, everyone had a similar idea but luckily as the park is so huge we had a little spot of paradise all to ourselves.

The essence of summer

We settled underneath a beautiful old oak tree, speckled with sunlight and pitched our picnic blankets.

The old oak.. I bet he has a few stories to tell

Clemency and Jolyon had prepared a feast! Settling down to cured meats, quiches, salads and fruits.  Pimms and prosecco flowing.

Perfect spot
Did someone say fizz?

The temperature was warm enough to lie in the shade all day, except for a prolonged toilet expedition (don’t try and be clever – just go to the car park as it is blatantly obvious!) and paddle in the refreshingly cold stream; drying your feet in the long grass on the walk back up the hill. What could be better?

Time for a dip
Paddle pals

Except perhaps an ice cream?!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for….

Despite being in London, you felt like you could be anywhere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sun dappled woods

The long summer day stretched out and we began our walk around the park in the evening, setting sun, still strong enough to burn!

Evening sun with the strength of noon


We walked past the deer…

What do you call a deer without an eye?

Past the hundred ache wood tree…

Still searching for Christopher Robin

Towards the lake and through the other gate towards Richmond itself.

Finally feels like summer

Such a fabulous day! Cannot wait for the next one.

The best!