I started this blog as I love to write. I consider blogging the modern day diary and I intended to fill these pages with all that I love, from travel to food and everything in between.  However, mostly I’m too busy doing the things I love to keep it up-to-date.

I am proud Yorkshire girl and qualified physiotherapist. Over this next year I intend to take all of my experience and head overseas, starting in the refugee camps in Greece and moving onto Africa.

From now on I intend to do my best to keep this blog up-to-date in order to share the incredible work and stories I’m bound to encounter.  Dubbed by my friends as a ‘diability’ and ‘Bridget Jones’ most things in my life do not exactly go to plan… so heading slightly blind into the somewhat unknown I’m sure I’ll encounter a few obstacles to keep it entertaining!  Even if it’s only amusing in retrospect!

This blog will continue to share my personal, tried and tested travel guides; some of my favourite home experiences; my diary, recounting some of my most disastrous anecdotes and from now on my documented life between the camps and onwards.

I will try keep as up-dated as possible if people continue to read. For more information on my work check out Me Myself and Helping Others or go to my gofundme page to help me carry out this amazing work!  I cannot wait to share my experiences with you!

Di x

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