Me Myself and Helping Others

This latest addition to my blog will document all of my amazing adventures yet to come during my work overseas. From September 2018 I will be setting off towards the refugee camps in Greece to act as a physiotherapist and also attend to minor injuries for those who have already travelled to Greece but have no means of receiving any other medical aid.

From January my journey will continue to mainland Africa where I will work as a physio for a few months before moving onto Madagascar where I will be working with @cloverseasclaire and the local medical professionals to further develop the work they have begun on rehabilitation medicine.

As this is an entirely voluntary year I will need to be entirely self-sufficient and have set up a gofundme page for anyone who wishes to help contribute to any of these causes. Visit my page for further information, all money raised will go towards cost of living, equipment, outreach services and any remaining money will be distributed evenly between these amazing projects. The more we can raise, the more we can give!

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