Devonshire Weekend Away

Wow! What a weekend!

After years of saying we’ll plan a weekend away, we finally succeeded and we hit the jackpot.

#madeinyorkshire (or the majority of us were)

Devon was our destination of choice, not for any particular reason other than it’s a lovely county and we felt fairly sure they would have a large enough house we could hire for the weekend. We booked through air bnb and although you can never be entirely sure what you are getting I was pretty certain it would tick all the boxes.

It did not disappoint.


Turning into the grand drive we were giggling with excitement and couldn’t wait to run inside and grab our rooms. We were greeted by some of our party who had already arrived (and obviously already taken the best bedrooms) and ran about the house exploring. It felt like a maze, endless rooms of ridiculous proportions, completely over the top for a weekend stay but just what we wanted.

Corridor to the dining room
Drawing Room


Katie and I were sharing and chose the chapel suite with a view over the side lawns towards the folly.  Yes we had our own folly! The perfect space to call ours for the next few days.

Room with a view

Returning downstairs we were greeted to glasses of wine and cheese and I guess you could say it all escalated rather quickly from there.

By the time the London party had arrived we probably on the other side of merry and although I can’t recall at what exact time we all thought it a great game to swap clothes and run around the house collecting obscure and ornate objects to place on the games room table… It was only after spending about half an hour shut inside a dogs cage I realised we were all absolutely obliterated.

Not my best angle!

Needless to say the quiet and sophisticated Friday night drinks did not happen and I do hold Thomas partially responsible for the eccentric drinking games.

We woke the next day with absolutely stonking hangovers but to a beautiful day, 30 degrees, sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.  We breakfasted on the lawn and the majority decided that a swim would be the perfect hangover cure.

Breakfasting in style
Off for a dip
Dogs encouraged!

Yes we had dogs! The gorgeous Roo and Rupert who were luckily small enough to be easily picked up.

@roothecockerpoo puppy looking unbelievably adorable
Puppy Love! I want one!

Rupert, obviously oblivious to his stature even tried to take on a couple of swans before being luckily resuced by Sonny.  Yes, we even had swans. They settled by the lake near the boathouse… because where else would swans reside darling?

Our resident swans

My random fact that I always say when the conversation arises is the only legal place to kill a swan in the UK is Worcestershire.  The queen actually still owns all of the swans and only recently has this crime been pardoned of treason.  My friend has reliably (or perhaps not so reliably) informed me that the country of Worcestershire was exempt from this rule following royal pardon.

However, having finally just googled this after years of being gullible and telling everyone of Worcester’s royal exemption, this does not appear to be in the least bit true; likely my friend and subsequently myself have been spreading complete and utter nonsense for the last 10 years.  However, as it now appears to be a good yard to spin, I will continue to tell people my utterly useless and completely fictitious fact about swans.  If anyone knowledgeable in the area ever reads this then please contact me to let me know, I would love to know the details.

The rests of the day we played in the sunshine and pool, including a rather competitive game of water polo.



Action Shot!

We whiled away the rest of the day eating and drinking (mainly drinking), playing rounders and even partaking in the odd yoga session.

Cobra position
Luncheon on the lawn
Joined at the hip #besties

Close your eyes and picture the most idyllic setting to settle and read a book.  Is it here?

DSC_5573 - Copy.JPG
English Summers…

After an amazing day, fuelled by hair of the dog (or puppies) it was time to get ready for dinner.

Gorgeous girls

We took meals in turns and Clemency and Jolyn had taken it upon themselves to cater for perhaps the most highly pressured meal of the weekend.  They excelled, a delicious joint of ham with all the trimmings, cooked to perfection!


They had laid the dining table beautifully and fit for the finest of dinner parties. The most impressive thing about the dining room was the balcony overlooking it.  We had our very own minstrels’ gallery overseeing the dining table below, obviously the perfect stage for an excitable game of charades (involving finger puppets) following dinner.

The perfect dinner

After dinner and games it naturally descended into prosecco pong and needless to say some more sore heads followed in the morning.

The little time we had in Devon felt like an oasis.

Spot the gender difference
England can get sunshine!
Bat and ball
DSC_5564 - Copy.JPG
Sleeping off the hangover under the trees

And like Devon knew we were leaving, the glorious weather ended and we spent the morning of our drive back exploring the rugged and beautiful Devon coastline.

Could almost be a Jack Wills advert!
Best friends

Such an magnificent weekend with the most incredible friends.


Same time next year? x