Me Myself and Travel

Welcome to my travel page.  This is where I share my tried and tested travel tips.  More often than not, I’m sharing them so that you don’t make my mistakes!

However hard I try, I cannot avoid being an absolute diability.  My travels are perhaps a little unorthodox.  Sometimes I crave a lovely, relaxing holiday… but then again, it just wouldn’t be me.

Travel isn’t about the insta shots.  It’s about the weird, wonderful and darn right unpredictable situations you find yourself in.

Here’s a little insight into my travel life.

⇒ Becoming stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean after being lost by our dive boat who went off fishing.  Being rescued (scarily against a lot of odds) by a passing resort pick-up.  Luckily for me I haven’t seen the film ‘Open Water’ which my friend recounted to me on my return, or I may not have been quite so calm.  The plot synopsis sounds scarily similar: lost divers, drifting further out to sea; being stung by jellyfish, with a couple of sharks underneath us.  I was even shooting some of the footage on my gopro.  Eek!

⇒ Losing my entire suitcase, passport in-situ, when sitting next to it in Barcelona.  It was literally stolen from under my feet!  How they achieved this when I was sat next to a wall, I will never know.  It’s almost impressive.  Except then I remind myself that I lost everything, without having any insurance to cover it and I spent the rest of my trip procuring new identity items and having to borrow my friends clothes and underwear.  So on reflection, not so impressive.  Just theft!

⇒ Getting about as far away from the traveller hot spots as possible and finding myself stuck on an island in remote Indonesian Borneo without enough money to return to mainland.

⇒ Having to bribe our way through the airport at Morocco without a printed ticket and handing over cash in secret to the attendant, who then hand wrote our plane tickets.  He then escorted us through security before we had to give him even more money and we were allowed to board the flight.  My heart was in my mouth the entire time, praying that after 10 days of food poisoning (an entire stone lighter), we wouldn’t end our disastrous trip in a Moroccan jail.

⇒ Being the only person on a flight medically trained and redirecting the plane to Paris for an emergency landing after a man had a stroke.  The entire plane watching your every move; trying to act casual, whilst secretly dying inside!

The list goes on.  This is barely scratching the surface of my incredible travel repertoire.  I certainly can’t guarantee a five star experience, possibly not even two stars!  But my guides will help you have the most amazing adventures of your own.  If you learn from my mistakes, you’ll have the best time ever!

Di x